Derek was quoted in Esquire!“Derek is a great storyteller, especially in retrospect. His work is thorough, well-researched and genuinely funny at times. He is a great writer with impeccable voice delivery, and I would highly recommend his work.”

              —Blake Snow, author and journalist

“It has been a pleasure, as an editor, to have worked with Derek for several years. He is not only willing to take on a variety of assignments, but he turns in copy in a timely manner, requires very little editing and is an entertaining read.”

              —Michael Lafferty, former editor-in-chief at GameZone

“To say Derek is a prodigious writer at a young age would be a significant understatement. It is very rare that I happen across such a talented and accomplished writer, and rarer still for them to be so young.”

              —Geoff Holland, editor at AceGamez, Taylor and Francis Group

Derek crashes Arwings at an alarming rate!